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Our community is diverse, capable, and heartfelt. Our members and friends include dedicated senior teachers who have walked the Shambhala Buddhist path for many years, and enthusiastic newcomers who are just discovering our teachings on realizing basic goodness and building enlightened society.


Community Events

Nynthün: Day of Practice and Study

May 22nd—August 28th

A day-long meditation intensive, or nyinthun, is a great way to deepen and energize your meditation practice. All practitioners are invited: beginners as well as experienced meditators. Continue »

Shambhala Cafe - join us for lunch

June 26th

Shambhala Cafe is a once per month lunch. Join us for food & conversation. It's a way for us to share the warmth of our community. Continue »

Shrine Room Volunteer & Coordinator/Aide Training!

with Sybil Gaylord & Greth Patterson

July 9th

Learn how to be a Timekeeper (Umdze) or Gatekeeper, with additional training for Program Coordinators and Aides -- volunteer positions all essential to the well-being of our Center! Continue »