Volunteer Sign-Up

“Living the Teachings, Serving the Path”

This is a dynamic sign-up page for many of our volunteer opportunities at the Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center.


Shambhala Training Levels – Everyday Life Series – Basic Goodness Series

  • Click a class below to sign-up for all Way of Shambhala (WOS) Classes
  • AD’s  for Shambhala Training sign-up here
  • Shambhala Training Coordinators are requested to have Level 5
  • Aides may help with any level they have COMPLETED  – AFTER Level 3
  • Every Day Life Courses:  Class Assistants are requested to have Level 5 and Wisdom in Everyday Life

Questions or Requests?  Contact Practice and Education: info.fcsmc@gmail.com

Contentment in Everyday Life ~ November 17 to December 13
Level 3: Warrior in the World ~ December 11 – 13
Joy in Everyday Life ~ January 5 to February 2
Level I: The Art of Being Human
Level 4: Awakened Heart ~ January 29 – 31
Mamos January 29 – February 7
Level 2 – The Birth of a Warrior ~ February 12 – 14
BGS 2: How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society ~ Feb 16 – March 22
Fearlessness in Everyday Life
             Thank You for your Generosity & your Practice of Service


  • Anyone trained in Time-keeping / Umdze practice may volunteer as an Umdze for Public Sitting.
  • MIs ADs and Shambhala Guides may serve as a Meditation Instructor for Public Sitting on Wednesdays and Sundays and Dharma Talks or Readings. (Readings from CTR or SMR are suggested for ADs and Guides.)
  • Please contact the Shrine Room Coordinator to volunteer.  Thank you.

Shrine Room Teams: 

Sundays: 10-Noon  –             MI, Umdze, Presentation, Gatekeeper/Greeter
Sunday Nyinthun: 1-3pm  –    MI, Umdze, Gatekeeper/Greeter
Mondays:  5-6pm  –              Host, MI        
Tuesdays: Noon – 1pm  –      Host, MI       
Wednesdays: 7-8pm  –         MI, Umdze, Presentation, Gatekeeper/Greeter   

Shrine Room Schedules for Team Members:

Monday Shrine Room Sign-up List
Tuesday Shrine Room Sign-Up
Sunday Shrine Room Schedules 
Wednesday Shrine Room Schedules 


Open to all Shambhala Tantrikas – ONLY

Werma Feast RSVP with Food and Position (sign-up page)

Monthly Vajrayana Practice Day (sign-up page)