Shambhala Day I Ching Reading 2014

The summary of the I Ching readings from Shambhala Day 2014, as compiled by Fort Collins member, Charles Ervin, Jr. with additional commentary from Acharya Dan Hessey’s translation, Enlightened Society: A Shambhala Buddhist Reading of the Yijing  is available through the link below.

Following the Shambhala Day events on Sunday, March 2, many of the Center’s Governing Council gathered in the Main Shrine room.  They ceremonially purified the I Ching coins with a short lhasang.  Following this, the coins were passed from council member to council member before our Center Director, Greth Patterson cast the three coins six times.

The result obtained was hexagram #5 — Waiting, with two changing lines, resulting in the second hexagram #46 — Rising.  The first hexagram represents the situation as it exists now, whereas the second hexagram represents what we aspire to through the embodiment of the Shambhala principles.

Overall, this result suggests that the Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center is maturing and developing with patience and faith, and that we have a unique and wonderful opportunity to connect with the Sakyong and his court and to move forward through our aspirations, resulting in good fortune.

Please click this link  to view the details:  I Ching

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