A Message About Climate Change & Basic Goodness

Climate Change and Basic Goodness in Action by Gailmarie Kimmel

 As the December Paris Climate Conference draws near, people of many faith traditions are taking responsibility for our shared planet. Within Shambhala, we are continually inquiring about how we can create an enlightened society and how we can see it manifest in the present moment. Contemplating how we care for our earth and then taking action is a part of our society and the society we share with others.
Acharya Marty Janowitz, a senior teacher within the Shambhala Tradition, has written a helpful and compelling three-part series posted on One Earth Sangha, an online venue dedicated to raising awareness about climate change. One Earth Sangha introduces important topics such as:  (1)Transforming Reality – Climate Activism and Buddhist Practice; (2) Freedom, Groundlessness and Meditation in Action; and (3) Sacred Activism – Basic Goodness in Action.
If you would like to raise your awareness and take action to help our plant, follow this link: One Earth Sangha 
Acharya Janowitz recently spoke to the Shambhala Eco-Forum on this very topic. If you would like to review the Eco-Forum discussion, or become part of the conversation, here is Part 1 from the  Shambhala Times.

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