Children’s Program beginning 15th of January

We are delighted to introduce the CHILDREN’s PROGRAM!

The intention of the Children’s Program is to provide a space for children to recognize their basic goodness through mindfulness practices and community. The program also provides parents with time to meditate on their own.  The program is open to children in kindergarten or older.  Older children will be asked to work with younger children to make them feel safe, welcomed, and appreciated.

The Program will be guided by meditation instructors and parents: Mary Kubicki and Cary Weiner.  We will pilot the program through May, at which time we will evaluate the program, with input from engaged individuals, and determine how to proceed during the summer and beyond.

The Children’s Program will be from 11am-12pm on the first and third Sundays of the month, beginning January 15, 2017.

A suggested donation of $5 per child per session will help us cover costs of snacks and materials.

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