Shamatha Yoga from Running with the Mind Online

A Gift on Behalf of the Sakyong:

The Sakyong developed the Shamatha Yoga series to increase flexibility and focus in between periods of meditation. It is also a wonderful addition to mindful exercise such as running with the mind of meditation.

Shamatha Yoga is a way to gently bring stillness into motion, whether you’re shifting into your daily exercise routine or simply moving into your life.

Running With the Mind Online, and the Fort Collins Shambhala Center are offering a free Shamatha yoga instruction video and booklet which will allow you to study and master this beautiful practice as often as you like.  It is part of a series of practices we would like to share with you that can enliven, inspire, and enrich your mindfulness of movement, whether running, walking, or doing chores.Sakyong Running

Sign up to access Shamatha Yoga instruction with Shastri Janet Solyntjes here:

Stay tuned for information about an upcoming Running Group using the principles from the Sakyong’s book: Running with the Mind of Meditation.  Group will begin in late March (around Daylight Savings change).

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