December 2018 ~~ Notes from the Director’s Desk

At 8 am, join Mission to Hope (M2H) Walk, a 0.8 mile walk from Catholic Charities Mission to the Murphy Center, the hub of services for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Larimer County. This is the walk that many Murphy Center guests take daily. The M2H Walk ends with an Open House at the Murphy Center, where community members can tour the facility, learn about programs and enjoy coffee and breakfast treats. See you 8am at 460 Linden.

We have already taken TEN (!) loads of donated items to the Winter Drive for Homeward Alliance. Let’s keep it up (dog and cat food also welcome). Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Donation boxes are located in the Post-Meditation Hall through December.

THIS SUNDAY, December 9 – SENIOR TEACHER, SHASTRI JANET SOLYNTJES leads the practice at 9:30 am and then, at our 11am Community Gathering, speaks on “Radical Compassion: Exchanging oneself for other as everyday practice.” Radical compassion implies a fundamental shift of attitude — an exchange of me for you — in an unbiased and comprehensive way. Come discuss the innate source of compassion, the habits that obscure our open-heartedness, and the Practice of Tonglen (taking and sending). Optional $10 donation for talk is cheerfully accepted.

Help decorate on Sunday, December 16th at noon then join the Celebration on Sunday, December 23rd, 11am- 2pm. This year is a co-creative light-hearted gathering that’s family-style from beginning to end:
*Share your gifts: bring a favorite poem, juggling balls. winter tale/song and…yes, instruments! We will enjoy the musical talents of the Docherty and Parker-Williams teenagers. Also, plan to sing-along with the Shambhala solstice story of “Iliana.”
*Submit high-resolution photos of your home shrines. We will project them on the big screen and invite your children to talk about their shrines.
*RSVP by DECEMBER 20 to attend and bring a potluck dish HERE.
*Email by DECEMBER 20 your creative offerings & shrine photos so we can plan out the program at [email protected]
*Plan on arriving a little before 11 AM for the opening Lhasang.

ON NEW YEAR’S EVE – SHAMBHALA SADHANA GROUP PRACTICE, Open to ALL at 6:30 pm. Bring a light snack to share!


IMPORTANT CHANGE: 2019 SUNDAY MEDITATION SCHEDULE: Starting in January, we return to our regular schedule of Sunday Public Sitting, 10am to 12pm every Sunday morning. Meditation instruction will also be available starting at 10 am. Two group practices open to all will be offered: Shambala Sadhana, 8:45am on second Sunday of each month and the Sadhana of Mahamudra, 8:45am on fifth Sundays. Our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Open Public Meditation schedule remains the same.

May the warmth and light of the Great Eastern Sun fill your holiday season,

Gailmarie Kimmel
[email protected]


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