We’re at 86%! And, Here’s What You Can Do . . . Right Now!

Summer is here but the building at 525 West Oak Street is quiet in the evenings.  Construction has begun on the east side of the building where United Way plans to move into by mid-June.

Meanwhile, our fundraising campaign deadline has been extended about a month, giving us more time to meet our goal.  Right now we are at 86%!!

The paramita of exertion (reaching beyond) must now take over so that we can move our Center to its new location.  We will announce a GoFundMe campaign very soon.  Meanwhile, here is a list of things you can do to help:

1. Like our Facebook page and invite your Facebook friends to do so.  This is very important for our upcoming GoFundMe campaign!
2.  Make a list of friends and family who may be willing to contribute.  We will need many small (and large) donations to reach our goal. Everything counts.
3.  Visit our future building and picture yourself meditating inside.
4.  Contemplate the ways we benefit you and others in our town and beyond:   Four+ free meditation sessions per week;  Addiction program every week;  Many free talks and social programs;  Trained meditation instructors;  A safe and quiet place to practice;  A supportive community, path, and resources;  and Love!
5.  Go to our websiteand familiarize yourself with our campaign FAQ.  We will provide you with talking points in the coming days.
6.  Look at a map and think about coming to 525 West Oak on your bike.  What would your route be?  If you come by car, picture our spacious parking lot.
7.  Don’t just do something – sit there!  Visit our current Center and practice.
8.  Review the paramita of exertion, one of the six main practices of a bodhisattva:  “You work hard because you delight in the oath and appreciate virtue.  Overcoming laziness, you never give up.”
9. Do numbers 1 and 2 NOW!  😉

Looking forward to these NOT so lazy days of Summer.
Yours in exertion,
Pam Turner for the FCSMC Relocation/Fundraising Team

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