Shambhala View of Politics: Getting Further Engaged at Wed. Open House Talk on 1/11/17

Open House Talk – Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 7pm We would like to warmly invite everyone – from all walks of life – from all political persuasions, to join us for our third discussion about the aftermath of the Presidential election. We have had two Open House discussions to date about the presidential election … Continue 

Children’s Program beginning 15th of January

We are delighted to introduce the CHILDREN’s PROGRAM! The intention of the Children’s Program is to provide a space for children to recognize their basic goodness through mindfulness practices and community. The program also provides parents with time to meditate on their own.  The program is open to children in kindergarten or older.  Older children … Continue 

Appointment of Shastri Jonathan Barbieri

We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Barbieri has been appointed as Shastri, and we want to share this enrichment of the Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center.  As senior teachers, Shastris identify with the department of Practice and Education, and serve as teacher, mentor for other teachers and advisor to the leadership of the Center.  … Continue 

A Message About Climate Change & Basic Goodness

Climate Change and Basic Goodness in Action by Gailmarie Kimmel  As the December Paris Climate Conference draws near, people of many faith traditions are taking responsibility for our shared planet. Within Shambhala, we are continually inquiring about how we can create an enlightened society and how we can see it manifest in the present moment. … Continue 

FCSMC October Newsletter

  Local Offerings & Programs, Open Sitting Schedule, Volunteer Opportunities, Online Offerings & Programs, Meet the Members, Words to Contemplate, Resources –   Message from the Director… Dear FCSMC Community Members, I would like to make myself more available to you on a weekly basis. I aspire to be present in order to answer you questions, … Continue 

Nepal Earthquake: Hold Nepalese People in Your Hearts

From Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche: Dear Shambhala Community: Since hearing the news of the earthquake and aftershocks, the Sakyong Wangmo and I have engaged in practice and prayer for the families and people of Nepal. The Sakyong Wangmo spoke with His Eminence, Namkha Drimed Rinpoche, who is in Kathmandu at the Ripa family residence. The Rigon … Continue 

Unified Giving to Begin at Fort Collins Shambhala

Typically we have a large fundraising campaign for Shambhala Day in the spring and Harvest of Peace in the fall, where the funds have previously gone to the center of the mandala – Shambhala International. This year instead of trying to fundraise for a short period in order to benefit the center of the mandala … Continue 

2014 Harvest of Peace Celebration

Fall is nearly upon us. This is a time when many of us experience change in our daily routines and the course of our lives.  Some are headed back to school, starting a new job, or moving to a new state. We have the opportunity to incorporate these changes into our daily practice and contemplate … Continue 

Shambhala Day I Ching Reading 2014

The summary of the I Ching readings from Shambhala Day 2014, as compiled by Fort Collins member, Charles Ervin, Jr. with additional commentary from Acharya Dan Hessey’s translation, Enlightened Society: A Shambhala Buddhist Reading of the Yijing  is available through the link below. Following the Shambhala Day events on Sunday, March 2, many of the Center’s … Continue 

2014 Shambhala Day Campaign Letter from our Director

In these last few days before the beginning of the new year I implore you to take a look at what Shambhala as a Global Community has meant to you.  How have you helped create and participated in enlightened society in the past year?  I know that my contemplation has helped me to see the importance … Continue