Families and Children

Fort Collins Shambhala Programs

Junior Warriors 2018

10-11am, First Sundays: January – May and October – December

Plus Annual Children’s Day/Winter Solstice Celebration in December


In the context of Shambhala, a warrior is someone who has the courage to recognize life’s tenderness and goodness.  The intention of Junior Warriors is to provide a space for children to recognize their basic goodness through mindfulness practices and community. The program also provides parents with time to meditate during Public Sitting.

Junior Warriors is geared for children ages 5 – 11.  Children 8 and up will have a chance to do short meditation sessions in the main shrine room, as well as have a separate sharing group about mindfulness.  The program typically consists of yoga, a Japanese tea/snack ceremony, a mindfulness/sensory-based activity, and a sacred circle.

Junior Warriors will be guided by meditation instructors and parents: Mary Kubicki and Cary Weiner. A suggested donation of $5 per child per session will help us cover costs of snacks and materials. Connect HERE for specific program details.

Teen Sundays 2018

10am – Noon on the Second Sundays of January, March, May, October and December

Teens from around the northern Front Range of Colorado and southern Wyoming are invited to join in our newly forming program for socializing and mindfulness practices, food and adventure too!  Geared toward ages 12 and up. Connect HERE  for specific program details.

More Resources

Please visit the Shambhala Families and Children’s website for a full exploration of the culture of families and children in Shambhala.  The Hub for Shambhala Families and Children

Front Range Region: Families and Children

Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver  Connect to Denver Shambhala website HERE

Families & Children Coordinator: Amy Turino: amyturino@gmail.com

  • Shambhala Kids (4-8yr olds)
  • Dragon Club (9-12 yr olds)
  • Parenting as Path
  • Happy Mindful Families  by Dr. Andra Brill, Denver Shambhala

Boulder Shambhala Center
 Connect to Boulder Shambhala website HERE

Families & Children Coordinator: Nicole Wolfe: families@boulder.shambhala.org 

All Nyida Day Celebrations — Harvest of Peace, Children’s Day, Shambhala Day, Spring Arts Day & Midsummer’s Day include a children’s program.

Shambhala Mountain Center Family Camp  Connect to Shambhala Mountain Center Family Camp website HERE

Nurture family connections while rejuvenating your spirit in the beautiful terrain of Shambhala Mountain Center. Family Camp is a creative and contemplative retreat the whole family can enjoy. Take time for yourself in the mornings to practice meditation or yoga while your children participate in enriching group activities. The afternoons and evenings offer fun family activities like hiking, family yoga, dance, contemplative arts and crafts, games, storytelling, song night, and a talent show.