The Fort Collins Leadership Council

Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center’s Leadership Council

The Pillar of Governance:

  •                                 – Executive Director
  • Diane Westervelt – Finance Director
  • Mark Wagner    – Societal Health and Well-Being Director
  • Gailmarie Kimmel Membership Coordinator
  • Darlene Velder – Council Secretary
  •                                 – Culture and Decorum Representative

The Pillar of Practice & Education:

  • Susan Marie Moody – Director of Practice & Education
    • Pam Turner – Meditation Instructor Coordinator
    • Phillip Friedman – Shrine Room Coordinator

The Pillar of Protection:

  • Kristi Coleman- Dorje Kasung Representative
  • Keith Ela – Desung Representative

 The Leadership Structure of FCSMC

The Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center uses a leadership structure called the Three Pillars Model. The three pillars are Governance, headed by the executive director, Practice and Education, headed by the director of Practice and Education, and Protection, headed by the Dorje Kasung Representative.

Members of the Pillars of Governance, Practice and Education, and Protection comprise the FCSMC Leadership Council, which is responsible for the overall vision and policy our center, and its connection to the center of the mandala.

In addition, there is an Operations Team that manages the day-to-day activities of FCSMC. It includes the all of the positions described above, and others as needed to effectively manage the work of the center.

Operations Teams:

  • Interim Operations Manager – Ann Reichhardt
  • Database Administrator and Webmaster – Susan Marie Moody & Scott Kleihege
  • Audio-Visual & Computer: Keith Ela
  • Facilities: Keith Ela
  • Kitchen Coordinator: Beth Hasbrouck
  • Courtyard Overseer: Michael Gorgan
  • Center Housekeeping: Barbara Cuzzort