WISDOM in Everyday Life

with Mary Kubicki

April 24th—May 22nd (2014)

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  • $135 Program Price
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Wisdom in Everyday Life Course
Meditation sharpens our intelligence and uncovers our wisdom. Participants will receive practical instructions for discovering trust and magic, even in the midst of challenge.  No longer deterred or depressed by obstacles, we can include everything as part of the path. The challenges of daily life become opportunities for both contemplative practice and social and ecological action.

Pre-requisite: FEARLESSNESS in EVERYDAY LIFE course. The Way of Shambhala builds on experiences through the levels and the courses. It is also highly recommended, but not required, to have taken the companion courses Shambhala Training Levels I-V before attending WISDOM in Everyday Life.

NOTE: Following the WISDOM IN EVERYDAY LIFE course is the final weekend program in the Way of Shambhala series -- Rigden: Unconditional Confidence (Boulder: May 16- 18). The prerequisite to attend that program is the full first year curriculum: ST Levels I-V and the corresponding 'IN EVERYDAY LIFE' courses: MEDITATION, CONTENTMENT, JOY, FEARLESSNESS, and WISDOM.

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