JOY in Everyday Life

with Adana Barbieri

January 16th—February 13th (2014)

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  • $135 Program Price

The lion is invigorated, healthy, and cheerful. As human beings, we have a natural inquisitiveness about other beings, and about the world around us. The perky lion is our model for joyful discipline, virtue, and compassionate warriorship. The lion is aware of karma - causes and conditions - and is able to interact in the world with virtue. It is through the discipline of virtue that we are able to rouse cheerfulness, energy, and joy in our life.

This five-week course expands the meditation experience by cultivating the noble-heart of the Mahayana teachings, opening the path to the virtue and celebration of compassion. Through practical methods, we further develop kindness toward ourselves and others. We emphasize the joy and invigoration that comes from discipline. The Lion represents the qualities of cheerfulness, health, and freedom from doubt.

The Way of Shambhala offers a structured path of meditation and a complete introduction to the foundations of Shambhala Buddhism.

The Way of Shambhala series is presented by a dedicated team of experienced Shambhala teachers under the guidance of the Shambhala lineage holder, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

Pre-requisite: MEDITATION or CONTENTMENT in Everyday Life course