Nyi Shu Gu - The Traditional Tibetan Cleaning of the Center with Complimentary Lunch

January 19th

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    Nyi Shu Gu is celebrated as the lead up to the Tibetan New Year, Losar, which we celebrate as Shambhala Day.  Nyi Shu Gu is a time to cleanse and bid adieu to negativities, obstacles, uncleanliness and sickness in our homes and in our meditation spaces.

    We will begin our cleaning festivities at 9:30a followed by a complimentary Guthuk soup lunch at 12:30p.  Guthuk, a traditional Tibetan vegetarian soup, is associated with Nyi Shu Gu.  Join us!

    Please register here to sign-up for a morning of community fun and cleaning camaraderie which will conclude with the Dedication of Merit!