Contentment in Everyday Life

with Shastri Jonathan Barbieri & Lida Anne Elliott

April 26th—May 24th (2018)

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Room: Main Meditation Hall

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The confidence of the tiger is contentment. Contentment comes from discernment, the virtue of touching our feet to the earth of every moment. As we slow down and consider our thoughts, words, and actions with the question, “Will this bring happiness or pain?”  We become like tigers who carefully observe the landscape before pouncing.  In looking at what to cultivate and what to discard, we are remembering our precious human life and deciding to use it well.

Contentment can be hard to find.  Much of the time we search for contentment in things, achievements or relationships.  By acknowledging and understanding the reality of suffering we can open to our inherent goodness and express the qualities of gentleness, appreciation, and fearlessness in our everyday lives.

Shamatha meditation practice teaches us to to appreciate ourselves and our simple, human experiences - free from self-aggression. We can then more easily face our own and others' difficult emotions and other challenges of life with gentleness, steadiness, and a sense of lightness.

This course provides an exploration of what it would look like if we were genuinely content.  It delves into the foundational views of Hinayana Buddhist teachings, and of what meditation in action means.

The companion weekend retreat to Contentment In Everyday Life is the weekend retreat: "Birth of the Warrior" scheduled April 6-8. (Shambhala Training Level II)

The Way of Shambhala path provides a strong foundation in mindfulness-awareness meditation, and is composed of Shambhala Training Levels I-V, each complemented by a five-week course. The series is designed to be applied to the complexity of our daily lives, and to develop our courage and sanity in these troubled times. CONTENTMENT is the second of the five courses.

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