Karma and the Twelve Nidanas

with Steve Seely

April 2nd—April 23rd

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Room: Main Meditation Hall

Karma is considered a very real and powerful force that drives our lives. Understanding how our thoughts and actions create the next moment, we see the patterns. We also see that karma itself is not solid. Through the practice of meditation, we can literally cut the karmic chain.

The primary source for this class is the newest release of Chogyam Trungpa’s teaching, The Future is Open, a collection of teachings on karma.  In this book, Rinpoche explains “It is possible to challenge karma, to prevent the inevitability of the cause and effect of karma. We can channel it in different ways, into good or bad karma…Beyond that, it is possible to prevent karmic cause and affect altogether and to prevent the karmic flow. So that gives us enormous hope and freedom…”

The “map” we will be using is the symbolism of the Wheel of Life, a portrait of the cyclical existence of confusion. The outer ring of the 12 Nidhana’s describes the truth of suffering; the inner ring, the 6 realms of samsaric existence; and the center of the wheel, the origin of suffering.

This class is taken from the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies, a series of courses developed in the early 2000’s. This is a fantastic course for people early in their exploration of Buddhist teaching as well as a great refresher and reminder, for practitioners of all levels. It includes readings from Chogyam Trungpa as well as material from Thrangu Rinpoche.

Limited copies of the book are available at the beginning of the first class for an additional $15.00.


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