Shambhala Day 2019 - The Year of the Earth Boar

February 5th

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  • $20.00 Program Price
  • $30.00 Patron Price
Room: Main Meditation Hall

Please join us as we celebrate Shambhala Day and begin the Year of the Earth Boar on Tuesday, February 5th! All are warmly welcome to participate in any and all the scheduled events. 

We celebrate Shambhala Day (Losar) which marks the beginning of the Tibetan New Year and represents one of the most important cultural traditions in Shambhala. The day is calculated astrologically according to the Tibetan lunar calendar and changes every year to coincide with the annual lunar cycle.

With all that our community has been through this past year, it feels like an important time to gather and feel what brings us together and keeps us together as a community.  On Shambhala Day, we look forward to the live broadcast and to listen and to feel the genuine and nourishing message at this time.

Shambhala Day is a time for us to express the wealth and richness of our spiritual and cultural heritage through feasting, conviviality, and elegance, as well.  Shambhala Day is also the time when we financially support Shambhala International. We encourage your thoughtful and generous donations.  Please donate either online by credit card at:  or leave your donation (cash or check or credit card #) in the Center's donation box.  Donation slips and envelopes will be available on the entry table.  Your ongoing support for the Global Shambhala Services is very, very much appreciated.


6:30a:  Annual Sunrise Toasts to the Lineage in the Center's Courtyard followed by the Sadhana of Mahamudra with Shastri Barbieri - No charge.   Dutch treat breakfast at The Silver Grill for those who can attend following the SOM practice. 

10:30a: New Member Oaths, Council Oaths  Please be seated by 10:30a so we can start promptly - Thank you!

11:00a:  Annual address to Shambhala - Televised Live in the Main Meditation Hall begins at 11:00a - 12:30p  Fundraising be included during the video.
Donations glady accepted to help fund the cost of the online link.

5:30p:  Social time - at the Mt. Everest restaurant ( Shields & Drake location).

6:00p:  Community Shambhala Day Buffet begins.   The cost of the meal is $20.00 per person to be paid by check or cash at the restaurant or you can pre-pay online when you register and RSVP below for your mealCash bar.  (We won't be able to process credit cards at the restaurant.)   There is no Generosity Policy offered for the meal at Mt. Everest

We'll need your pre-registration so Mt. Everest knows how many dinner guests to prepare for.