Staffing our Meditation Hall: Umdze, Host and Gatekeeper Training

August 17th -Date postponed or cancelled

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Are you curious about the role of the person who leads sitting meditation (umdze), hosts open sittings on Monday and Tuesdays, or sits at the door to the meditation hall?

Building on a foundation of shamatha meditation, the generous people who staff our meditation sessions engage their minds in very specific practices.

This morning training offers a window into the Shambhala view, culture and decorum practiced within these voluntary meditation hall positions. Among other mind training forms, you’ll learn protocols of how to relate and care for the shrine and the hall, lead chants, and to hold an uplifted meditative space for others.

For those particularly interested in pursuing the role of umdze, this training is a pre-requisite to further individual, in-depth training in leading chants.

Free and open to anyone who attends the Center. If you currently serve as umdze, host or gatekeeper, there will be updated information and you can refresh your practice and share your experience and inspiration.