Introduction to Mindful Focusing

with David Rome

July 13th

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  • $60 Program Price
  • $80 Patron Price
Room: Main Meditation Hall

Mindful Focusing is a contemplative practice bringing together mindfulness-awareness meditation with Experiential Focusing, a method for listening deeply in oneself to discover the subtle wisdom of the body that lies beneath conceptual mind. It is a potent way of working with difficult situations and challenging feelings, and dissolving obstacles to a vibrant and fulfilling life.

The six-hour workshop includes instruction, guided experiential exercises, partnership exchanges, and time for questions and sharing.

About the Teacher:

David I. Rome is the developer of Mindful Focusing, an integration of Eugene Gendlin’s “felt-sense” Focusing work and Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices. He is the author of Your Body Knows the Answer: Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change, and Liberate Creativity (Shambhala Publications, 2014). David studied Buddhism with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, whom he served as private secretary for many years. Later he held executive positions at Schocken Books, the Greyston Foundation, and the Garrison Institute. He teaches widely and offers one-on-one Mindful Focusing coaching sessions by telephone or online. His website is

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