Free Online Introduction to Meditation

with Pam Turner

July 22nd -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Whether or not you follow a religious tradition or a particular spiritual path, we invite you to explore how to navigate the vicissitudes of your life through taming and training your mind.

    A consistent practice of shamatha meditation (calm-abiding) offers you just that.

    This one-hour session presents the basics for new meditators and also invites those who want to refresh and rekindle their practice. You'll have a chance to ask questions or offer insight.

    To reap the most benefit, you might tidy the area you'll be in. It's best to either sit cross-legged on a sturdy floor cushion (make sure your knees are lower than your hips), or on a chair with a firm back and a comfortable seat (preferably without arms).

    Please log in 5-10 minutes beforehand; note that we are in the Mountain Time Zone.

    See you then!