Addressing Harm Within Shambhala

Sexual misconduct has occurred within the international Shambhala Community and it is being addressed at the international level by a group called the Process Team that reports to the Interim Board, and is dedicated to addressing:

  1. Community Healing & Learning
  2. Culture Change
  3. Governance Structures
  4. Community Building

Locally, we are already addressing the things we have control over.
The work of the international Process Team will affect the structure of our worldwide community and will take time.

In Fort Collins we’ve taken the following actions:

  1. We removed photos of Chögyam Trungpa and Sakyong Mipham from both meditation halls.
  2. We adopted a process of restorative justice that will be implemented if any harm is reported in Fort Collins.
  3. We instituted a ‘no alcohol’ policy for our Center.
  4. We are contemplating and discussing the power structures that have led to the harm with an inspiration to create more transparency and accountability for all.
  5. We scheduled three Listening sessions beginning in early March, and these will continue. Please give us feedback [email protected]
  6. We have completed a survey of our community to assess program needs and support for the meditation practice and study paths of our members and friends.
  7. We aspire to have more local members train as teachers and we are planning to offer programs from other lineages. We are planning to reach out to local meditation groups to use our meditation hall and participate in practicing with us in the spirit of being a secular center.
  8. Our website has changed to make it easier to access news about the harm in our sangha. (See links below.)

We do not condone harmful behavior by anyone, including any leader within Shambhala, and including the Sakyong himself. Our local leadership are actively working to preserve the essence of the Shambhala teachings, while making necessary changes. We regret the harm that has happened in the Shambhala community. It is not what Shambhala represents.

In the spirit of transparency, the Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center’s Leadership Council is providing the links below to ongoing resources and communications from our international Shambhala organization. Please let us know what is missing or how we might improve access to information.

Information Links:

Other Community Links: