The Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center is in hibernation. The Denver and Boulder Shambhala centers are continuing to offer online study and practice events on a regular basis. For more information about our center as it becomes available, please check  “Center News” and stay connected. For additional offerings, view the Regional Programs page.

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  • FCSMC Enters Hibernation

    FCSMC has left its home of 12 years and entered a temporary hibernation mode until we are once again able to gather, study and meditate together. The sangha remains alive and well.

  • Benefit FCSMC when you register for Shambhala Online classes through our web site

    To help you access Shambhala programs during this period of societal stress and adjustment to CoVid-19, and also to benefit FCSMC financially, Shambhala Online will share a portion of online class proceeds with FCSMC whenever you register for programs through our web site. We now have a widget in the right column of the home … Continue 

Shambhala Online

  • Shambhala Art Part IIIa: The Creative Process
    Continuation of the Shambhala Art curriculum. NOTE: Shambhala...
  • Shambhala Sunday Gathering - Embracing Space: Resting in the Brilliance
    Many of us have an ambivalent relationship with space. We either...
  • Groundless Courage: Teachings on Death, Dying and the Bardo
    This five week course on death and dying includes 5 pre-recorded...
  • Shambhala Training, Level 3: Warrior in the World
  • Become a Member and Help Create a Good Human Society

    Shambhala welcomes people from all walks of life, faiths, and backgrounds. They come together to practice meditation, gather, and celebrate in order to develop a global culture that cultivates dignity and sanity in an increasingly chaotic and stressful world. Continue to Our Membership Page