Local Partnerships

Climate Wise Action – City of Fort Collins

The FCSMC Climate Wise team is pleased to share our good news. Climate Wise is a volunteer program of the City of Fort Collins whose staff has developed an incentive point-based system to encourage good sustainable practices.  Since starting our efforts at the Center, we have been able to:

  • Replace 84 CFLs and Halogen light bulbs and replace them with LED lights.
  • Post waste signs to help us all on the path of ‘Ecological Mindfulness’.  Thanks to volunteers who help by taking the Center’s recycling home. We are actively experimenting with more composting, too.
  • Track our support of sourcing local food by ordering from Spoons at our multi-day programs.

These, and many other practices and improvements developed over the years, have enabled us to document and earn Climate Wise points in 2016.  The result: our little meditation center earned a Silver Level with badges in Energy and Waste. If you are interested in climate issues, please email us.

Fort Collins Interfaith Council 

FCSMC is an active member with the local Interfaith Council.  Click HERE to visit their website and sign up for their informative E-Bulletins.

Multi-Faith and Belief Council at Colorado State University 

We connect with others on the CSU campus to share information and promote programs.  FCSMC participates in the Multi-Faith and Belief Council’s yearly Fall Fair – look for our table there.

SummitStone Health Partners

FCSMC is pleased to have SummitStone Health as our partner in mental health.  In addition to encouraging our members and visitors to participate in their no-charge, frequently-offered Mental Health First Aid training, we refer people to their many resources: 24/7 Walk-in Crisis Center, Crisis Hotline, Peer and Family Support, etc.

World Wisdoms Project

Evolving locally since 1974, the World Wisdoms Project creates opportunities in which to ponder together the challenges of our time in the context of sacred beliefs and wisdom. FCSMC is pleased to be part of this safe, diverse community where all perspectives are valuable and welcome whether wisdom springs from faith in God, belief in the universal, one’s relationship to the natural world or another source.  View video HERE from their special evening on ‘Sacred Chants’ in late 2017 when member, Jim Tolstrup, led six of us in the Heart Sutra.