Social Engagement

In mid-2017, the Sakyong and the Shambhala community decided to begin an Office of Social Engagement. This office will work with members from all around the world to further encourage Shambhala approaches to social action, social justice and activism.

Fall 2017:  The Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center  considered a request from the local Interfaith Sanctuary and Accompaniment Coalition (ISAAC) to help encourage the Fort Collins City Council to adopt a “Trust Ordinance.”  This is distinct and separate from a Sanctuary Ordinance.  It would prevent our police, hospitals and social service people from asking for papers before providing services.  The intention is to encourage immigrants to seek help without fear of being arrested. For example, presently parents are hesitant to take a child to a doctor or to report abuse or a robbery.

The FCSMC Leadership Council reached out to members for their input, providing these documents:

The Council received thoughtful, positive responses regarding FCSMC joining this local interfaith work.  We are, therefore, now supporting the Interfaith Sanctuary and Accompaniment Coalition (ISAAC).