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Shambhala Database 

The Shambhala Database contains all your profile information, records of classes and programs taken (going back a few years anyway, which is as long as the SDB has been around), and much more. Take a moment to make sure your profile is up to date, upload a photo of yourself, and generally make yourself acquainted with the resources available.

Creating a Shambhala Account. To access the database, you will need a username and password (or “Shambhala Account”) which can be obtained (or recovered) HERE. This Shambhala Account lets you access any Shambhala page or resource that asks for a password (including the Shambhala Network, Shambhala Online, etc.). Important: after you first create (or reset) your account, you need to log into the Shambhala Database (using the username and password that will have been emailed to you) and change your password – until you do this, you won’t be able to log into other Shambhala resources (such as the Shambhala Network).

Looking up other members. The SDB is the best way to look up contact information for other members, either in Fort Collins or internationally. To do this, just enter a person’s name or email address (or part of their name works too) in the “Search a person” box at the top of the page. The SDB will show you the names and email addresses for people that matched your search, and if you click on a person’s name, it shows you additional contact info (such as phone number) for that person. Note: while the SDB is available to anyone, as a privacy policy only members are allowed to look up contact info for other members.

Shambhala Network

The Shambhala Network is a website that connects the Shambhala community through email, groups and friends. The Shambhala Network is available to everyone, but members are especially encouraged to sign up, because while most program-related emails will still be sent to you directly from Fort Collins Shambhala Center, the Shambhala Network will increasingly be used for other kinds of local announcements (as well as for regional and international announcements), and if you’re not signed up, you may be missing out!

Signing up is very easy. If you haven’t yet, you’ll first need to create a Shambhala Account for yourself (as explained above). Remember to log into the Shambhala Database and change your password. Once you’ve done that, simply logging into the Shambhala Network will automatically subscribe you to some of the most important email groups, including the Fort Collins Community Room, which is the main list or group for Fort Collins Shambhala Center. But you have to log in, because until you do, you won’t be signed up. To view or change your subscriptions, just click on “my groups”.

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