Care Team & Request for Assistance Form

Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center is now including a ‘Care Team in our Community offerings.

In the tradition of Enlightened Society, we are extending the opportunity to bring awareness and help to those in our Sangha who are in need.

Any member may make a request for some help, or if you know of a member in need of help you may let us know.

Please fill out the ‘Care Team Request for Assistance’ form below.

Members’ needs may consist of someone needing help moving; repairs on their house; walking and feeding animals while away; or an illness where visiting and some home care may be helpful. These are only a few possible suggestions of ways that we may be of assistance to others.

The Care Team will consist of those who are members or who are regular attendees at the Center and are willing to offer whatever help or aid they are able to when one of our members is in need.

A Wellness Circle request to the members does not require you to volunteer, but you will be made aware of any needs and may respond as you are able.

We will be very aware of keeping any volunteers on a schedule that is very workable and not have anyone over-commit.

You will be asked to email Mark or Keith each time you spend time engaging in Care Team activities so we can keep a log of contacts, and hear from you how your experience was, and what you think may be helpful in that situation that we may not be aware of.

No one will be asked to perform any duties they are not comfortable with or qualified for. When the assistance requested has been completed a Societal Health & Well-Being staff member or the Desung will follow up with person that made the request.

Mark Wagner:  Director of Societal Health and Well-Being 

[email protected]

Keith Ela:  Dorje Kasung

[email protected]

Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center:

[email protected]

Care Team Request For Assistance Form

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service.

Please let us know what type of help are you requesting.

Please be as thorough and specific as possible.

Fill in any information that applies to your situation, and add whatever else may be pertinent and helpful.

We do not provide any type of medical assistance, but may be able to advise where to look for such aid.

Care Team - Request for Assistance Form: