The Power of Lineage & Devotion: Exploring the role of a Lineage Holder

with Shastri Jonathan Barbieri

August 14th—August 28th (2018)

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Room: Main Shrine Room
This course is the first of a two-part series exploring and discussing the role of a lineage holder.

Part 1 – Three classes in August: This is a relevant time to become more familiar with the role of lineage and the relationship between teacher and student that has existed for 2,500 years in the Shambhala and Buddhist traditions. From 1970 through 1976 Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche presented 12 seminars on the lives of major lineage teachers from two of the four Tibetan Buddhist traditions; the Nyingma and Kagyu. The teaching was given using their life stories which are called “namtars”. In addition we will look at the lives of Gesar of Lling, Prince Shotoku, King Ashoka and Emperor Yung Lo as examples in the Shambhala tradition.

The stories highlight the personal obstacles such as arrogance, ambition and aggression, that the lineage holders needed to overcome in their quest to understand the dharma, and attain some quality of realization. In doing so they were able to transmit wisdom and compassion on to the next generation of practitioners.
 Classes will be composed of presentations and discussions.
Part 2 - Open discussion groups (to be scheduled):  Having a better understanding of the purpose, view and potency of lineage from Part 1 is a very important foundation for having in-depth conversation about the current controversy concerning the Sakyong and the Shambhala organization. It would be great for you to do both.

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