Politics: What's Next? an Open House Talk

with Shastri Jonathan Barbieri

October 17th (2018)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Midterm Elections - Where are we going?

    Free Open House Talk & Discussion

    In less than a month we will be having arguably the most important mid-term election in a very long time. Join us soon on the 17th, and hopefully again on Wednesday, November 7th, for before and after discussions.
    There are two notable aspects of this election:
    One, that everyone regardless of political persuasion, should make every effort to vote. An important element of this is what can you do to be active in making sure that people do vote who are aligned with your views.
    Two, we need to further strengthen a sense of civility and decency in our political world regardless of what party or view we have. The fundamental basis for a good society is to be considerate of each other knowing that we have different opinions. While we can differ, there is no need to denigrate people or institutions, nor to generate fear and aggression of one against the other.  Instead we could spend our time trying to bring out the best of each other.

    Retired Justice Anthony Kennedy's rather ruefully commented: “Perhaps we didn’t do too good a job teaching the importance of preserving democracy by an enlightened civic discourse. In the first part of this century we’re seeing the death and decline of democracy."


    Sitting meditation begins at 7. Free meditation instruction also at 7 PM.

    The talk will begin about 7:30 PM.  A light reception will be provided.

    An Open House is an opportunity to meditate in a supportive group setting, to learn about how to apply the principles of meditation to everyday life, and to meet and mingle with others in a community interested in mindfulness.  Bring your friends!

    We offer an Public Sitting every Wednesday at 7 PM, with free meditation instruction available at that time.  On these evenings there is a reading or brief presentation & discussion, sitting meditation and a social time with tea. So come as many Wednesdays as you can.

    You're warmly invited to join us!  There is no charge however donations are cheerfully accepted.  Suggested optional donation is $10, students $5.


    Shastri Jonathan Barbieri is a senior teacher in the Shambhala Lineage who has taught Buddhist and Shambhala trainings extensively throughout North America for over 30 years. Jon has been engaged in several livelihood pursuits including consulting with cities and counties on workforce development, creating contemplative co-housing communities, and, most recently, teaching Mindfulness programs to public agencies and businesses. He was formerly the Executive Director of Shambhala Mountain Center.