Getting to Know Yourself: Pema Chodron Speaks at Gampo Abbey - 2015 Retreat

with Pam Turner & Arvo Fallon

January 30th—March 5th

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Room: Main Meditation Hall
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Please bring a notebook for handouts and paper and pen for notes to class. There will be an optional 1/2 day retreat in April to review what we learned.  We will send a reminder after you register. Thanks!
Lesson 1:
Permanent, Solid, and Separate: An Overview of the "Self"

In this first lesson, Pema shows us how the illusions of ego trick us into thinking we are singular and unchanging. When we start to understand the way this illusion is constructed, we can glimpse selflessness.

Lesson 2:
How to Get Unstuck: Working with the Skandhas

It’s necessary to explore how our ego gets hooked, but the real benefits and joy come from learning how we can break the cycle. In this lesson, Pema gives us real life examples of how the five skandhas work, and offers time-tested advice on how to interrupt the cycle of suffering.

Lesson 3:
Resting in Open Space: The Eight Kinds of Consciousness

Sometimes life feels like a roiling river, and we’re trapped in the current. What would happen if, even in the middle of a most stressful situation, we could put the brakes on our interpretation and judgment? In this lesson we’ll practice  pausing. We’ll also explore the eight consciousnesses and the six realms—traditional Buddhist teachings that give context to why the practice of pausing is so important.

Lesson 4:
Understanding Ignorance: Where Suffering Begins

What keeps us from being fully present to our life? In this lesson we’ll take a closer look at the mechanisms we use to put a barrier between ourselves and the world. Then we’ll start to see what exists beyond that barrier: basic goodness, the starting ground for everything.

Lesson 5:
Samsara is a Cycle: The Twelve Nidanas

How is it that we get stuck in the view that reality is fixed and static? This week we’ll go deeper into the twelve nidanas.

Lesson 6:
Nowness Gives Rise to Bodhichitta: Connecting to Sacred World

In this lesson, we see what happens when we actually rest in groundlessness and experience reality fully. This is what it means to discover sacred world.

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